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Supplying over 2000 different vacuum tube types, valves, grid caps, sockets and capacitors. It is easy for antique collectors, ham radio operators, audio enthusiasts, broadcast enthusiasts and amateur radio hobbyists to buy, sell and trade vacuum tubes, electron tubes, audio tubes, valves, grid caps, sockets and capacitors.

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ABC Vacuum Tubes is dedicated to providing Ham radio, amateur radio operators, antique radio enthusiasts, audio professionals and hobbyists the ability to choose from an inventory of over 3.5 Million Vacuum Tubes on hand under one roof.

Why do people love using ABC Vacuum Tubes?

That's easy....we are one of the largest Vacuum Tube, Electron Tube, Grid Caps, Socket, Valve, and Capacitor Suppliers in America with 7,500 sq ft of warehouse space and over 2000 different tube types.

We are always available through one of our contact methods and we get you your vacuum tubes, grid caps, sockets, valves or capacitors fast.

Our inventory of vacuum tubes and radio tube supplies are all NOS/NIB and new production, including all of the major brand manufacturers ranging from RCA, Sylvania, GE, Raytheon to Amperex, Tung-Sol, Telefunken, Mullard and many more....
We carry vacuum tubes, valves, grid caps, and sockets from all the top manufacturers including:
  • Western Electric Tubes
  • RCA Vacuum Tubes
  • Shuguang Vacuum Tubes
  • Sylvania Vacuum Tubes
  • Motorola Vacuum Tubes
  • Westinghouse Vacuum Tubes
  • Amperex Vacuum Tubes
  • GE Vacuum Tubes
  • Amperite Ballast Tubes
  • Raytheon Vacuum Tubes
  • Tung-Sol Vacuum Tubes
  • Cathode Ray Tubes (CRT)
  • Large Quanitity European Valves
  • Mullard Valves
  • Telefunken Valves
  • Ceramic Grid Caps
  • Ceramic Sockets
  • Tube Sockets
  • Electrolytic Capacitors - 450V
  • Metallized Polyester Capacitors - 630V
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